Left-wing vandals hit GOP Headquarters and a Pro-life center in less than a week

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned both the St. Joseph County GOP Headquarters and a local pro-life center were attacked by left-wing vandals over the weekend and into the early part of this week.

Sometime over the weekend, vandals shot through the window of the chapel located on the Right to Life Michiana property on Lincolnway West in South Bend. RNM was sent photos of the hole left in the window and a BB that is believed to have caused the damage.

Just a matter of days later, sometime in the overnight hours between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, vandals hit the St. Joseph County GOP Headquarters on McKinley Avenue in Mishawaka. The criminals used a spray mastic to attempt to permanently adhere several pro-abortion signs on the storefront window that simply stated “Codify Roe V. Wade.” The vandals also threw several eggs at the storefront window.

“What a waste of delicious eggs.” St. Joseph County GOP Chair, Tyler Gillean told RNM when asked about the incident.

RNM has confirmed the Mishawaka Police Department is investigating the vandalism of the GOP Headquarters. It’s unclear if there is any video of the incidents or suspects from surrounding surveillance cameras.

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  1. Left projects a narrative on Right. Brave people attacking under cover of darkness. Why assault when any TV station would send an army of reporters to film a 4 person protest to advance Left narrative on any subject? Strategy on Left is not debate or democracy – just racketeering. What is difference between Mafia or Cartel territorial operations and the current American Left? Intimidation of person and career and business, Threats to personal future (destruction of safe energy), assassination (Scalise, Kavanagh), alliances with evil (Iran, communists, racists, criminals), bribery (student loans, tech subsidies)… If you took a Martian and described the above and then the Mafia, what would they say? Evil will not prevail if good people keep good will and good faith.

  2. They didn’t have a security system. Gates Chevy and an Arby’s are across the street so maybe they got some video and Heritage Meeting House right across the parking lot. I went in and donated some money to put towards a surveillance video system. They were pleased.


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