PHM keeps transgender policy after backlash from man who hosts DRAG SHOWS FOR KIDS

H.R. Jung, Executive Director of the South Bend LGBTQ Center, poses with a woman in front of Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign logos — Photo: Facebook

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — The Penn Harris Madison Board of School Trustees kept a new policy allowing children to unilaterally change their genders and names after backlash and testimony from a man who hosted a drag show for a Girl Scout troop this past summer.

PHM Schools were under fire for secretly changing the district’s handbooks to allow high school children the ability to change their names and genders without parental consent. After parents brought up their concerns, the district promised to revisit the policy. On Monday, the board was set to vote on changes to the policy to require parental consent, unless the student was 18-years-old or legally emancipated. Instead, the board voted to table the vote, keeping the policy on the books for now.

The decision to table to vote came after several people spoke against the parental consent measures, including the Executive Director of South Bend’s LGBTQ Center, H.R. Jung.

Jung cited statistics from the radical Trevor Project, which has come under fire for extremely biased and unscientific research. Specifically gathering data “via targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat” to target extremely fragile and mailable youth in order to come to the preferred conclusions of the organization. The actual statistics put out by The Trevor Project are flawed to say the least and there are generations of studies to prove so.

Jung then went on to give a veiled threat of lawsuits against the board. He made claims that any student who goes by a shortened version of their name would have to be called by their full name, or it would be discrimination toward LGBTQ youth.

“If this isn’t carried across for every Mike, Bobby, Suzy, Alex, Zach, Lilly… this could be a potential problem. Because if you’re not holding everyone accountable for this, then you are targeting specifically LGBTQ and trans students and that could be potentially a big problem.” Jung said.

Jung’s LGBTQ Center has hosted multiple drag shows for kids. In June, REAL News Michiana uncovered pictures and social media posts showing a local Girl Scout Troop was taken to one of the shows, where they tipped grown men wearing women’s lingerie with Girl Scout cookies. The LGBTQ Center was also offering free admission to the show for children under the age of 5.

“Happy PRIDE month from our troop to yours. Troop 00271 held an amazing Speak Love painting PRIDE history event on June 2nd with a lovely group of attendees from various parts of council and tonight 00271 donated to the LGBTQ+ Center of South Bend and attended the all ages Drag show!! We even tipped in Girl Scout Cookies!!!” The post, by Nicole Wyatt Wiles, says. Wiles appears to be the leader for Girl Scout Troop 00271 out of Osceola.

The post includes several pictures, including one appearing to show a little girl tipping a drag queen with a box of cookies at a drag show for kids on June 3rd.

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