Substitute Teacher Posts Photo of Lawmaker’s Young Child, Describing Her Being Raped

Brandon Tamayo taking a selfie while appearing to be a substitute teacher at Kenwood Elementary School in Hammond, Indiana — Photo: Twitter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has confirmed a substitute teacher for the states of Indiana and Illinois, posted the picture of the very young child of an Indiana State Representative on social media while describing the child being raped. The post was being used as a disgusting argument against abortion restrictions.

REAL News Michiana has decided not to name the lawmaker in an attempt to protect the identity of his child. However, RNM has been told that the substitute teacher also sent private messages to the lawmaker’s family, making further disgusting remarks, in what appears to be a thought out campaign of intimidation against the State Representative and his family.

Brandon Tamayo, made the post to Twitter earlier this week. In the post, Tamayo used a closeup picture of a very young girl being held by her lawmaker father in response to another disgusting post made by the Indiana Democratic Party.

“Imagine if someone rapped (sic) your daughter and now she can’t get an abortion because you didn’t support that. Your daughter will have to raise her rapist (sic) child, your grandchild.” Tamayo posted.

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RNM has confirmed Tamayo is a licensed substitute teacher in both Indiana and Illinois; receiving his licenses to teach in both states earlier this year according to state documents and his Linkedin account. Those licenses are active for several years. Tamayo is originally from Hammond, Indiana, but claims to now be living in Illinois.

RNM has not been able to confirm exactly which schools in which he worked. However, one picture on his Twitter account appears to show him at Kenwood Elementary School in Hammond, Indiana. According to Tamayo’s social media accounts, he was teaching children as recently as last month.

Tamayo has made a name for himself on social media through TikTok videos he’s posted online. In one particular video, he advocated for people to steal from Walmart, where he previously worked.

RNM Reached out to Tamayo for comment, asking if this was appropriate behavior for an educator. He simply responded by claiming he was not an educator, then quickly deleted the conversation from Twitter.

According to Tamayo’s Linkedin account, he started working a government employee for the Chicago Transit Authority last month. RNM has reached out to the CTA to see if this behavior goes against their policies. As of publication, we have not received a response.

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