County Commission Candidate Defends Child Grooming While Attacking Group that Defended Black Mother, Children

Don Westerhausen, Candidate for St. Joseph County Commissioner — Photo:,-jr-kokomo-in

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The Democrat candidate for St. Joseph County Commissioner, Don Westerhausen, took to Twitter to defend the sexual grooming of children at a South Bend library while slamming a group of men who protected a mother and her children from the unwanted sexual indoctrination. Westerhausen, a physician for nearly 25 years, is running for the District 1 Commission seat.

“My vision for #StJoeCounty is one of #inclusion.” Westerhausen wrote in the tweet. “Members of Proud Boys hate group disrupt LGBTQ-themed event at Tutt Branch of Library.”

A video of the incident posted to YouTube shows a group of men defending a black mother at the library who did not agree with transgender theory being taught to her young children without her permission. That video has been viewed nearly 40,000 times.

The event where the sexual grooming occurred was called “Rainbow Storytime,” in which library staff intended to teach young children about the LGBTQ agenda, including the gender transitioning of kids. The event was interrupted initially by a patriot group called The Proud Boys and eventually by a concerned mother, who did not give consent for her children to be involved. One of the books included in the reading was a book about transgender kids called What are Your Words?

The group of men initially walked into the room where the event was being held and calmly spoke to the organizers. Several children are seen walking out of the room, one of them called their mother who showed up several minutes later.

“She (my daughter) said something about you reading some Pride stuff?” The mother said, after explaining her children spend time at the library while she is at work. “You don’t need my consent for that? My daughter, she knows better. So, she called me.”

The mother explained even further, saying staff at the library often gather children and bring them into the room for storytime on multiple days.

“Why are you shoving it on my children who don’t understand?” The mother explained to one person who was defending the event. “This is supposed to be story time, not teaching my daughters that they can be boys.”

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  1. How can people, with a moderate or advanced education, be so blindly ignorant? Mr. Case is one thing but this Cardiologist makes my brain spasm. Great job again! We need your investigative journalism in Michiana!


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