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Saint Mary’s Professor Wishes Death on Supreme Court Justices, Children in Profanity Laced Tirade

Rebecca Lehmann, Assistant Professor at St. Mary’s College — Photo: St. Mary’s College

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A Saint Mary’s College professor wished death on the children and grandchildren of Supreme Court Justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, sending the issue of regulating abortion back to the individual states. Rebecca Lehmann, PhD., didn’t hold any punches when she wrote on Twitter that she wished for “generations of misery,” against the justices and their children.

“Those f*cking mother f*ckers.” Lehmann wrote on the social media platform. “Those dumb f*cking d*ck faced mother f*ckers. Those *sshole, pig f*ck mother f*ckers. I hope they f*cking choke. I hope their children choke. I hope their children’s children choke. I wish them generations of misery.”

Lehmann has since made her Twitter account private, due to backlash she received online.

According to the Saint Mary’s College website, Lehmann is an Assistant Professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies, who recently taught courses such as Writing Children’s Books and Feminist Poetry. The courses she has taught can all be seen below.

  • ENWR 323: Poetry Workshop
  • ENWR 426: Advanced Workshop in Formal Constraints
  • ENWR 227: Writing Children’s Books
  • ENWR 202 & ENWR 202W: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENLT 151W: Bad, Bawdy, Brazen, Brave, Brilliant: Modern & Contemporary Women’s Literature
  • ENLT 390: Feminist Poetry

REAL News Michiana reached out to Lehmann for comment. As of publication, she has not responded.

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  1. For an English teacher she has a very limited vocabulary. I got kicked off Twitter because I humorously suggested the little girl Nancy Pelosi shoved aside during a photo op should, Kick ole Green teeth right in the knee. I wonder if Assistant Professor Rebecca Lehmann will be banned as well. I doubt it. St. Mary’s should really evaluate if this professor is someone they want representing the College and teaching young women. Her comments seem very threatening.

  2. It’s funny to me that if she were a conservative this would have a lot more coverage in the media. I’m thankful I don’t have college aged children that have this numb-nut as a professor.

  3. And she is teaching “Writing Children’s Books”….I wonder if her writing vocabulary for kid’s books is as fiery as her postings?

  4. Saint Marys is full of WACKOS. You should look at Dr. Christopher Cobb who is also an English professor in the same department!!! He runs a very crazy radical environmental group. He’s been in trouble for trying to sleep with students. Total whackjob!!!


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