PHM Principal Pushes Racial Bias as Board Member of Radical Education Group

Christie Heerschop, Principal of Mary Frank Elementary School — Photo: Penn Harris Madison Schools

GRANGER, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned the principal of a local elementary school is the Elementary Board Member of a radical state-wide education group that pushes racial bias in learning, discipline and hiring, as part of their stated goals.

Christie Heershop, the principal of Mary Frank Elementary School, is one of 12 Elementary Board Members for the Indiana Association of School Principals. The IASP pushes radical racial ideology, suggesting races should be treated differently in the education setting.

In the IASP 2022 Legislative Platform, the organization outlines several discriminatory goals, dressed up to appear as “equity.”

One goal includes changing discipline procedures in order to prevent minorities from being punished. This racist platform essentially says minorities are not able to behave as expected.

“School leaders must build on and support best practices that include pro-active strategies geared towards supporting positive student behaviors, and community-wide initiatives that decrease disproportionate minority suspensions, expulsions and arrests.” The platform reads.

Another blatantly racist platform, found under “Ethnic & Racial Minorities” section of the platform, pushes hiring minorities before the most qualified educator. This platform suggests minorities are not as qualified for the job as non-minorities.

“It is paramount that policies and practices that promote the recruitment, placement, and retention of school leaders are reflective of the diversity found in our schools and communities.” The platform reads.

The platform also pushes the use of Social Emotional Learning. SEL curriculum at Penn Harris Madison schools has included such things as lessons on the “Pyramid of Supremacy,” which claims the terms MAGA, objectivity and others are white supremacist words.

Heerschop is not shy about spouting her political ideology when it comes to education and social issues. Her social media feeds are full of radical political rants. She has made several posts critical of former president Donald Trump and Fox News, while glorifying Democrats such as Jill Biden and Pete Buttigieg. Heerschop was also a huge proponent for masking children at school. You can see several examples of her political bias seemingly making its way into her school below.

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