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Teacher Union “Racial and Social Justice” Director Called Black Woman “Illiterate Crackhead Prostitute”

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Comments made by the Indiana State Teachers’ Association’s newest leader are resurfacing. It turns out, the ISTA’s Director of Government, Community, Racial & Social Justice was asked to resign from an elected position in New Jersey after he called a colleague an “illiterate crackhead prostitute.” The racist comments were directed at a colleague who happens to be a black woman.

According to a February 2021 article by the Trentonian, Jerell Blakeley, who was a Councilman on the Trenton, New Jersey, City Council, made the remarks toward council president Kathy McBride in April of 2020. The comments happened during a Coronavirus briefing. Blakeley then lied about making the comments.

“I lied because I did not want to see a Black woman’s name associated with these accusations. That’s why.” Blakeley told the Trentonian. “I did not want to see a Black woman… who is a mother, is a grandmother, is somebody’s wife, I did not want to see her name associated in the press with these scurrilous accusations that I made nearly a year old. It’s not about me.”

Blakeley was hired by the ISTA to be the teacher union’s Director of Government, Community, Racial and Social Justice earlier this year.

REAL News Michiana reached out to the ISTA and Blakeley, asking if someone who uses this language and holds these views is capable of carrying out the mission of the office he is in charge of. As of publication, RNM has not received a response.

This is the second time this year a new leader of the ISTA has come under fire. RNM published a story regarding the ISTA Vice President who stepped down shortly after getting the position after racist and sexual social media posts he had made were exposed.

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  1. “I lied because I did not want to see a Black woman’s name associated with these accusations. That’s why.”

    That is hilarious.

    When I got caught robbing a bank, I fought to keep the story out of the paper because I didn’t want people to think that the bank was a dangerous place to visit. It wasn’t about me.


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