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Radical Teacher Union Leader Steps Down After Racist, Sexual Social Media Posts Exposed

Ben Yoder, Director of Orchestras at Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate & Junior High School — Photo: https://www.ista-in.org/2022-ista-statewide-officer-candidate-statements

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana State Teachers Association’s new Vice President stepped down following the exposure of several racist and sexual social media posts he made while being an educator. Ben Yoder, Director of Orchestras at Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate & Junior High School, was elected into the VP position in March. He stepped down earlier this month.

“I really appreciate the genuine outpouring of support regarding ISTA and my stepping away from statewide leadership there.” Yoder posted to social media on May 4th. “Sometimes in life, we most protect our own mental health and put ourselves first. We have to read the room and decide what is and is not possible. Making the decision to step down was on of those times for me. I did this for me and for me alone. I realize that this message is rather cryptic to some, and that’s okay. I’ll have more to share later. In the meantime, take care of yourselves friends.”

According to Yoder's bio on the ISTA website, he has been teaching in Indiana public schools for 15 years. During that time, Yoder has regularly posted sexual content on the same platforms where he promotes children, schools and his teaching colleagues.

In one post, Yoder brags about having male genitalia swinging in his face. In another post, he shows a flyer from what appears to be a gay stripping event with pictures of half-naked men in sexual poses. He also posts about being a gay teacher and the importance of "representation" and "safe spaces" for children. He also promotes the use of preferred pronouns, reinforcing radical gender theory.

Yoder is also not shy about his politics and even posts about supporting teaching the "1619 Project" to children. The "1619 Project" is a piece of fake history that claims the United States was founded on racism and slavery alone. Yoder also makes several comments about how the country is systemically racist, saying in one post that children who look like him "cannot count on the promise of liberty and justice for all." He also constantly attacks conservative politicians.

A mashup of several social media posts published by The Chalkboard Review shows alleged racist rants as well. In one of the posts, it is alleged Yoder states "an ugly mean Chinese woman just took my order for shrimp fried rice then undercharged me and forgot to give back my credit card. Oh Asians."

"I don't mind black conservatives at all. What I do mind is two ladies who put on one of the most ridiculous minstrel shows I have ever seen..." Yoder is accused of writing in another post.

REAL News Michiana reached out to the ISTA for comment about Yoder's position. As of publication, a spokesperson for the union has not responded.

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  1. So what is accurate history??
    I sure as hell don’t think today’s fruitcake “activists” know.
    Sadly, history is becoming totally distorted by the “dysfunctional family” of today’s America!!


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