Business Owner, Politician Organizes Disney Themed Drag Show for Kids

Flyer for Disney themed drag show at Running Vines Winery

CHESTERTON, Ind. — A local business owner is under fire for organizing a Disney themed drag show where kids are invited. Nicole Caylor, owner of Running Vines Winery in Chesterton, planned to host the “All Ages” drag show at her business later this month. The event is being called “Running Vines Drag Brunch Disney for All Ages.” However, Caylor tells REAL News Michiana the event has now been cancelled.

“We host drag shows every month and it’s never been an issue.” Caylor said. “The only issue we’ve ever had is people trying to bring minor children to the drag events. So, we made an event where 16 and older were able to come… our intentions got misconstrued and we were made into something that we are not.”

“We have since cancelled the event due to threats of harm to the entertainers and myself.” She continued. “We will never attempt to allow anyone under 18 again because it’s not worth the backlash.”

Nicole “Nicki” Caylor, Owner of Running Vines Winery and Republican Candidate for Center Township Board — Photo: Facebook

REAL News Michiana asked if we could be provided copies of those threats. Caylor said she was unsure if she still had copies of the threats adding she would have to check with the woman who runs her social media accounts to get them. As of publication, RNM has not received any copies.

However, RNM did find a comment posted by Caylor on Facebook regarding backlash she received.

I have gone back and forth all day debating if I comment or give anymore of my energy to this. I have decided to not remain silent, silence is acceptance. I won’t accept hatred.

When I enlisted in the Army in 2009, I did so to fight for everyone’s freedom. Not just those who shared my religion, race, gender, sexual identity, or personal interests.

My businesses and I both have had a lot of hate spewed at us recently in regards to our support of the LBQT+ community and our drag shows.

An attack on my family, friends, or staff is not something I will tolerate. I will stand to fight for them. I will have their back. I will not allow you to spew your hate in our space. If you don’t like it, don’t attend. It’s a pretty simple concept.

Peoples lack of acceptance of one another only furthers the divide in this country and continues the hostility.

I will continue to support the community , spread love, and work towards the change I want to see in this world. You can come along with me on this journey or you can leave.

I will always be an ally.

I will always defend those who are subject to racism, hate, or bigotry. It has no place in my world and it will not be tolerated.

This is my family, these are my friends, I will always defend them.


Caylor, who also owns Aftermath Cidery & Winery in Valparaiso, is currently running as a Republican for the Center Township Board. According to county election results, she received 2,392 in the primary election, coming in 2nd in vote totals. There are currently 3 seats up for grabs, so Caylor is moving on to the general election in November.

While Caylor is running on the Republican ticket, she appears to be running in the exact opposite direction of the party. Caylor’s campaign Facebook page is full of posts supporting Critical Race Theory and opposing parental rights in schools.

In one post opposing Indiana House Bill 1134, she falsely claims children would not be able to report abuse to teachers or guidance counselors and that teachers would be forced to post their lesson plans online a year in advance. HB 1134 banned the teaching of CRT and radical gender theory while ensuring curriculum is transparent. The final bill did not require the year advanced posting of lesson plans and specifically mentioned reports of abuse as exempt from parental consent provisions.

RNM asked Caylor if she even read the bill.

“I have.” She stated. But, when confronted about what is actually in the bill the she disagrees with, she refused to elaborate.

“What exactly are you trying to do? What’s the point of the story? What are you wanting to get? Because I may have somebody else talk to you instead of me.” Caylor said.


Caylor mentions her military service as justification for the drag show and throughout posts on her campaign page. However, her service was admittedly short lived. In fact, she didn’t even finish half of her basic training. Caylor tells REAL News Michiana she made it through only 2 or 3 weeks of basic training before she was medically discharged.

“I am still considered a veteran and I was willing to do it. I signed on the dotted line… I was told by many others that had served and other veterans that ‘I would say you did. You were willing to do it.'” She said. “I went. I was ready to go. What happened was not my fault.”

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