SJC Sheriff Attends “Help not Handcuffs” Event — His Deputy Arrests Peaceful Parent at Board Meeting Next Day

SJC Sheriff Bill Redman speaks at Faith in Indiana event on April 24th. Photo: Twitter

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Democrat St. Joseph County Sheriff, Bill Redman, attended and spoke at an open Marxist/Anti-law enforcement event hosted by Faith in Indiana on April 24th, where the theme was “Help not Handcuffs.” The very next day, one of his deputies arrested a peaceful parent at a Penn Harris Madison Schools’ board meeting as the parent attempted to calmly question the board about its finances.

Faith in Indiana is a part of the larger, national organization, Faith in Action. Both of the organizations espouse extreme Marxist beliefs by pushing lies about America through “economic and racial justice.”

“We believe organizing is the best way to address the spiritual and material crises facing our society. It is the best tool we have for standing up to corporate interests profiting from racial and economic oppression and environmental destruction.” The Faith in Action website reads. “To create a new society based on equity, sustainability, and love we need to build strong multi-racial (sic) people-led organizations that relentlessly press for social change.”

Faith in Indiana has been pushing for more mental health intervention and less arrests by law enforcement.

Other prominent Democrats also attended the event, including Diana Hess (St. Joseph County Councilwoman and Democrat Party Chair), Jason Critchlow (Portage Township Trustee candidate and former Democrat Party Chair), Ross Deal (Indiana House of Representatives candidate for the 7th District) and Don Westerhausen (St. Joseph County Commissioner Candidate for District 1).

Prominent local republicans also spoke at the event, including State Senator, Linda Rogers.

Republican State Senator, Linda Rogers, speaks at Faith in Indiana event on April 24th. Photo: Twitter

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