DOH Rejects Surgical Abortion License for SB Clinic

Whole Woman's Health Abortion Clinic
Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic — Photo: Google Maps

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned the Indiana Department of Health rejected an application from a South Bend abortion clinic to perform surgical abortions, according to a letter from State Health Commissioner, Kristina Box. The clinic has operated as a pill-only clinic, terminating pregnancies up to 10 weeks, since 2019. In the letter, Commissioner Box sites issues with Whole Woman’s Health reporting of abortions it’s performed as the reason for the rejection.

“Regarding submission of terminated pregnancy reports (TPRs) for the months of November and December, IDOH identified an issue with this entity’s submitted records during an internal review of TPRs (Terminated Pregnancy Reports) and TPR data. The Department is investigating this issue. Further, the Department informed WWH that a surgical license will not be issued now, pending the investigation and resolution of this issue.” Box wrote in a letter to State Representative Jake Teshka.

REAL News Michiana is in possession of all of the clinic’s TPRs through October of 2021. The Indiana Department of Health has yet to provide the clinic’s TPRs for any month after that date to RNM or any other requestor, including U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

RNM has covered several issues found in Whole Woman’s Health reporting in the past. The clinic has reported to have done two illegal surgical abortions since opening. RNM also wrote a story about the clinic reporting the death of a young mother following an abortion.

Governor Eric Holcomb previously told lawmakers there was a computer glitch in the reporting system. However, Commission Box claims in her letter that no glitch exists.

“Lastly, your letter mentioned a ‘computer glitch.’ Our system is functioning properly and there are no known system issues with TPR reporting. If issues are identified, we correct them or put in place an internal auditing process to timely catch errors. We have worked closely with our technology team to ensure any technical system issues brought to our attention are addressed in a timely manner.” Box wrote.

The clinic has been embroiled in controversy since opening. In 2018, the State of Indiana refused to give Whole Woman’s Health a license to open, even as a pill only clinic, due to the organizations problems in other states. The clinic sued the state and a federal judge ordered the clinic be issued a provisional license while the litigation worked its way through the courts. Governor Holcomb decided to give the clinic a full license earlier this year, against the recommendation of the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.

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