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SJC Wastes $ on Archeological Study for Old School on Property Where Building Never Existed

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Redevelopment Commission just approved thousands of dollars to be spent on a farce archeological study. The concern is a site that could have been school at one point. However, the school was torn down in 1904, the site has since been farmed and plowed — AND — the school wasn’t even located on the land that’s being surveyed.

The Commission approved up to $12,000 for a contractor to go out to the area and do limited poking around with shovels as part of site certification prior to any further development in the area, which is nearly 200 acres located off of State Road 2 near Willow Road.

Staff explained to the commission that the school in question wasn’t even located on the site being included in this archeological study. Instead, the school was adjacent to the site. Also, the study being conducted will not include deep digging, despite the school being demolished in 1904 and the property being plowed and farmed. You can see video of the discussion below.

Further, the initial site certification was to be paid for through a $50,000 private grant. The county has blown through that money already and is now dipping into taxpayer pockets to pay for the wasteful project being spearheaded by a company called Orbis Environmental Consulting.

This is part of the secretive Indiana Enterprise Center project, which is located on the border of South Bend and New Carlisle and includes about 7,200 acres of land from both communities.

Funding for the project was approved by the Redevelopment Commission in a 3-1 vote. Only Tyler Gillean voted against the wasteful spending.

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  1. Notre Dame Native American Initiative Land Acknowledgement:
    We know that Father Badin and Father Sorin have a long history with Native peoples (read more) to acknowledge those peoples and a small part of that history:

    We acknowledge our presence on the traditional homelands of Native peoples including the Haudenosauneega, Miami, Peoria, all of the Bodéwadkmik / Potawatomi peoples, and particularly the Pokégnek Bodéwadmik / Pokagon Potawatomi, who have been using this land for education for thousands of years, and continue to do so.



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