GOP Lawmakers Help Hoosiers Find Alternatives to Public School Indoctrination Centers

Indianapolis, IN, USA – June 16, 2014: The Indiana Statehouse, shown here on June 16, 2014, houses all three branches of the state government.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana legislature stepped up during the 2021 legislative session to provide more affordable options for Hoosier parents and students who seek educational experiences outside of the oft-failing public school systems.

Indiana’s legislature revamped the ‘Indiana School Voucher’ Program and expanded it to provide 90% Choice Scholarships for families with higher household income than in prior years. The new household income limits based on household size is reflected in the following table:

This revamped Voucher Program is a God-send for middle class families who have found their children trapped in the mediocrity of floundering or failing public school systems.  With these changes many more parents will also be able to send their sons and daughters to private schools without the scurrilous hand of unionized educators trying to indoctrinate them or expose them to witch-craft or satanic studies.

There are many pathways for students who meet the financial thresholds to qualify for the vouchers. These pathways include:

  • The student attending a public school the full previous school year or entering 1st grade or higher.
  • The student attending a Pre-K through the state-funded ‘On My Way’ Pre-K Pilot program in the previous school year.
  • The student being assigned to an “F-rated’ public school based on residence for the coming school year.
  • The student having a sibling who received a school voucher or tax credit scholarship at any time in their K-12 education.
  • The student having a documented IEP or ISP.
  • The student having received a school voucher during any previous school year.
  • The student having received a tax credit scholarship from an approved SGO during any previous school year.
  • The student being in foster care.

Parents wanting better educational options for their children ought to contact the Indiana Department of Education with questions or concerns. This link provides access to a myriad of information from the INDOE for responsible parents to consider and it contains information concerning applying for the vouchers.

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