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SJC Council Dems Forget Rules, Take Illegal Vote to Sue Over Maps Controversy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Democrats on the St. Joseph County Council either forgot or simply bypassed standard rules to pass a resolution to move forward with a lawsuit against the County Commission for the redistricting map the Commission passed last week. At a last minute emergency meeting, Council President Raphael Morton (D) took a vote on the resolution without first getting a standard motion or a second. All of which means the vote is more than likely null and void.

Prior to the vote, there were questions about the legality of the meeting to begin with. Republican Council Member, Mark Telloyan, attempted to stop the meeting by bringing up adopted rules that state an emergency meeting can only be called by a majority of the Council. The meeting was called unilaterally by Council President Morton. The Council’s attorney stated state law allows the meeting to be called and ignored the Council’s own adopted rules.

There were also concerns about when the meeting was held and how much of the public was notified. Council members didn’t learn about the meeting until late last week. The meeting tonight was held at 5:15pm when meetings are typically held at 7:00pm.

“I am looking forward to attending another last minute, illegally held meeting.” St. Joseph County GOP Chair, Zach Potts, said. “Hopefully this time, the president of the board calls the meeting legally with a majority of the council members requesting it and notifies the public with a sufficient amount of time.”

All of this stems from Democrats being upset about a new district map that was approved by the Republican controlled County Commission. You can read more about that here.

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