RADICAL Leftist Applies for Vacant PHM School Board Seat

Robert W. Hyde — Photo: LinkedIn

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — REAL News Michiana is digging through the list of applicants to fill two vacant seats on Penn Harris Madison’s Board of School Trustees. One of them appears to be a radical leftist with a grotesque social media feed that discusses strippers, shows naked women and promotes radical theories on race. He was also featured in an interview in which he promoted Robin DiAngelo’s radical book, White Fragility, while saying he would not even talk to white people about race unless they first agreed with him on racism in the country.

Robert W. Hyde is one of 14 applicants for the vacant seats that opened up after two recent resignations. The board is responsible for interviewing and selecting new members to finish out the time left on the terms until the next election.

In an interview with South Bend City Church from June of 2020, Hyde tells the interviewer why he agrees with analysis from radical critical race theorist, Robin DiAngelo.

“She explains racism very differently, saying racism is not an event, it’s a system in which we live in.” Hyde explained. “She goes into a little more detail saying racism has to have a power system to support it.”

In the interview, Hyde also explains he wont have racial dialog with white people who disagree with him about race. Remember, this is a man who wants to be on the PHM School Board.

“Am I trying to prove racism exists? Because if that’s the direction that we’re going, I’m not going to engage.” He said. “Because trying to prove the existence of racism becomes a dead-end.”

You can watch the entire interview below:

Hyde’s social media feed is also full of racial and sexual commentary. Below is just a small example — including a comment that appears to be referring to the not-guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

According to his resume, Hyde is currently the Vice President of Investments — Private Client Advisor for JP Morgan Chase in Elkhart. He also has a long history of volunteer work. You can read his resume and cover letter submitted to PHM here.

RNM is told there are about half a dozen candidates who have been selected to move forward in the interview process for the empty seats. District officials tell RNM they will announce who those candidates are later this week.

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