WOKE Sign Language: Penn HS Parents Raise Red Flags About Gender Theory Signs in ASL Class

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — REAL News Michiana is working to confirm the authenticity of pictures allegedly taken in a Penn High School American Sign Language class, showing what appears to be a teacher promoting gender theory.

The picture shows a slide with the title “Some Kinds of People” — It starts with describing Boy, Man, Girl and Woman. It then describes Transgender. Finally, it describes Nonbinary with a note that a “New Sign” has been created for the fake biological distinction.

The parent also sent RNM a picture from outside of a classroom designating the class an LGBTQ “Safe Space.”

RNM reached out to both Superintendent Jerry Thacker and district spokesperson, Lucha Ramey asking the following questions. As of publication, we have not received a response.

Is this part of the curriculum? Is it appropriate for teachers to be promoting this? Are students also taught about gender dysphoria or ASL signs for the disorder? Also, why are there rainbow “safe space” signs on classrooms? Isn’t the whole school supposed to be a safe space for children? Why is it being promoted like this? Why are children being segregated and singled out based on sexual orientation?

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