Granger Walgreens Plays Politics, Refuses to Fill Prescription of Ivermectin

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GRANGER, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned the pharmacist at a local Walgreens refused to fill a doctor prescribed medication to a local patient. The patient, who wished not to be named, was prescribed Ivermectin tablets by his physician. He tells RNM, the pharmacist falsely claimed Ivermectin is not FDA approved, and it was up to her discretion as to whether or not she would fill the prescription.

“At first she said she didn’t have it in stock.” The patient told RNM. “I asked if they could get some, she didn’t answer. I then asked if they had it, would she fill it? She said ‘No, it’s not FDA approved.'”

The patient provided RNM with documentation of the prescription from his doctor, which can be seen below. The documents also show the prescription was sent to the Walgreens at 13060 Adams Road in Granger.

The patient says he was finally told over the phone by the pharmacist that she would not fill the prescription because it is not FDA approved after a multiple days affair trying to get the prescription filled. He tells RNM, he initially called the pharmacy earlier this week, where he was told they did not have his prescription. He then had his doctor resend the prescription only to be told by pharmacy staff they were out of stock and he would need to try to track down a Walgreens Pharmacy that had the drug or go to CVS.

“I didn’t understand, they could just have it filled by another Walgreens.” He said.

The patient then decided to go to the Walgreens in person on Wednesday. He recorded audio of the entire interaction on his phone.

“They seemed surprised. They were looking for notes, shuffling around, it was obvious they were trying to hide something.” He said.

In the audio, you can hear a woman, presumed to be a pharmacy tech, saying “We don’t have the product. The product is not in stock.”

The patient asks, “No Walgreens has Ivermectin?”

“Correct.” The woman responds.

“We can’t check like we normally do with my other prescriptions?” He asks.

“Umm… hang on just a second.” She replies.

Later on, a woman can be heard saying, “The Walgreens on McKinley, if you have your doctor send the script over there, they may be able to fill it, I’m not sure. It’s up to the pharmacist’s discretion if they’re going to fill it.”

“They can do that?” He responds.

“Ummhmm.” She said.

“What’s the discretion?”

“Um, because it’s an off label filling of the prescription.” She said.

“What’s that mean?”

“It means, it depends on what it’s being filled for.”

“What’s my doctor’s script say?”

“Um, I don’t have the script available at this time.”

He later asks, “Is there something up with Ivermectin? Or getting it with Walgreens or something?”

“Um, that I can’t answer. I don’t know.” She said.

Ivermectin has been the source of ridicule by leftist commentators and legacy media because the drug is also used to de-worm horses. However, drugs are often used between species, for example, there is also horse aspirin.

Ivermectin has been called a “wonder drug” for its uses in a multitude of diseases, has a well established safety profile and new uses are still being discovered. You can read more about that in this National Institutes of Health article here.

Medical trials for the use of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 have been promising and show the drug to be beneficial in treating the viral infection. You can read about those trials in this article from the American Journal of Therapeutics.

RNM reached out to the Walgreens corporate media contact regarding this issue and the pharmacy chain’s policies. As of publication, we have not received a response.

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  1. At the same time they refuse to fill a prescription in Granger another 5 Walgreen’s stores are closing in the San Francisco area due to shoplifting loses. They reap what they sow.


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