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Penn HS Teacher Pushes Anti-Gun Propaganda in Class

Penn HS English Teacher Danielle Black receiving an award from PHM Superintendent Jerry Thacker

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Parents are raising red flags over a Penn High School English teacher’s decision to push out anti-gun and 2nd amendment literature to her class. Danielle Black, who was Penn Harris Madison’s teacher of the year in 2018, is currently the English teacher in the Early College Academy at Penn High School. Concerned parents sent REAL News Michiana pictures of an article she handed out, lambasting gun rights in the United States.

The article, which can be read here, is an anti-gun activist take on gun violence in the USA. It compares regulations on automobiles to guns in order to make an argument that guns should be regulated more by government agencies. The article twists statistics to make erroneous claims without giving context. At one point in the article, the author claims guns nearly cause as many deaths as cars. Several paragraphs later, the author tries to make the argument that 60 percent of gun deaths are caused by suicide, so, guns are to blame. The author never mentions that guns are made to kill, cars are not. The author also never cites the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Black, who appears to be an extreme left activist, is also a member of the Superintendent Advisory Board (SAC). The SAC is partly responsible for the racist Critical Race Theory curriculum that was introduced into Penn High School’s Social and Emotional Learning lessons last year. You can read more about that here.

Below is a public post she made on social media talking about “white privilege” and “Black Lives Matter” in June of 2020. She speaks about Implicit Bias and Microagressions — which are all part of racist Critical Race Theory teachings and which were added into the Penn High School curriculum last year.

The teacher’s other social media profiles show a pattern of extreme leftist views. Black’s Twitter profile included a picture of her at what appears to be a Black Lives Matter rally with people holding communist BLM signs. Everyone is also wearing masks, despite being outdoors.

RNM reached out to Black, the superintendent and the school spokesperson this morning. We will update the story with a response when it is received.

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  1. Perhaps her “Black Lives Matter” mantra simply implies her proud support of her (presumably married) name and family lineage?

    As a parent of two children in the PHM system I appreciate your investigative journalism into the complete bullshit they’re trying to foist upon my kids. You can be damn sure that I cite your reporting when I need to address a “teacher”.


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