Graphic Sexual Book Offered in Middlebury Schools

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. — Parents are raising major concerns about the discovery of an anti-Christian book that contains extreme and graphic sexual content, that’s available for children to check out at Middlebury Schools. REAL News Michiana has confirmed the book, “Jesus Land,” is available at the Northridge High School library. Parents tell RNM the book can also be found in the middle school library.

You can read some of what is in the book directly from the picture below.


The book is a memoir by Julia Scheeres, a radical social justice advocate who grew up in Indiana. In an opinion piece for Lafayette’s Journal Courier published today, Sheeres speaks on the virtues of Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning and Gender Identity — among other things. She lambasts parents for objecting to those views by comparing them to Nazis and the KKK. You can read an excerpt from that below:

This type of quoting-mining has long been used to demonize a perceived enemy. The Nazis excerpted the Bible to fan the flames of anti-Semitism. The Ku Klux Klan spins the Bible to argue for white supremacy. But if these parents calmed down enough to read my book in its entirety, they’d realize what “Jesus Land” is actually about: two same-aged siblings — one Black, one white – struggling to find acceptance in a conservative Indiana town. But then again, maybe Jesus Land’s themes of racism and intolerance hit a little too close to home.

Scheeres even lies about a story written by RNM regarding a Penn Harris Madison middle school teacher who bragged on social media about hiding information from parents, if a child asked to be called by different pronouns while in her class. Scheeres leaves out all of the context when describing the incident. She fails to mention the TikTok video in which the teacher openly said she would lie to parents. You can read what she said about that incident below:

Last month, a seventh-grade teacher in a South Bend suburb posted a tour of her rainbow-colored classroom on TikTok in which she mentioned that she was going to allow students to choose their own pronouns. Her love of her job, and the careful thought she’d put into making her classroom a welcoming environment, were moving. But her video set off a firestorm that ended with the school stipulating that only a parent could determine a child’s gender.

RNM reached out to Middlebury Schools’ Superintendent, Jayson Snyder, regarding the availability of the book to children. We are currently waiting for a response.

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  1. Thank you, Clifton!

    Keep up the good fight, Middlebury parents. Keep exposing the darkness. Do NOT relent. Now that you’re winning, keep winning.

    No faux chivalry.

  2. “…struggling to find acceptance in a conservative Indiana town.”

    So how do they “struggle?” Wearing purple hair? Dressing up like the opposite sex? Funny how most of these kids who “struggle” (not for acceptance, but for attention) were being such good citizens wearing their masks during the plandemic.


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