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Local Antifa Member Cheers Arson of SBPD Squad Car, Friends Call for Dead Cops

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Local Antifa member and volunteer at a South Bend abortion clinic is cheering on the arson of a South Bend Police Department squad car. Tonna Robinson, of Elkhart, promoted the arson in a Facebook post on Thursday.

In the post from Thursday, Robinson says “Hometown Hero” with a fire emoji next to it. Under her commentary is a release from SBPD regarding the arson that happened to the squad car. She alters the release to tell people to “shut the f*** up” if they have information regarding the crime.

What’s even more disturbing is the commentary under her post appearing to call for police to be killed.

“Damn. Nobody inside? I wanted more good cops.” A poster who goes by the name Natascha Hanson, said. This is a play on Antifa’s “only good cop is a dead cop” mantra. Robinson reacted to the post seeming to be displeased that no officer was killed in the arson.

Robinson has made a name for herself in the community for attacking any business or private person who supports the police, military and American flag. You can read more about her attacks here.

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