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Parent: Concord HS Demands Student Pay for BLM, LGBTQ Stickers

BLM and LGBTQ stickers being displayed in a classroom at Concord High School

ELKHART, Ind. — An administrator at Concord High School demanded a student pay for BLM and LGBTQ stickers that the student destroyed in a classroom, according to his parent.

The parent tells REAL News Michiana, her child ripped up the stickers that were being displayed by his 9th grade English teacher, Katie Shafer, about two weeks ago. The parent says an administrator called her to let her know her son would face detention and be forced to pay to replace the communist propaganda being displayed in the public school classroom.

The parent, who wished not to be named, says she was okay with the detention since her son did destroy the stickers, but drew a line at paying for new propaganda to be displayed.

“I told them that he can serve his detention, that’s consequence enough.” She said. “I’m not going to pay for the stickers. They then said he will serve another detention since I won’t pay for it.”

RNM reached out to Concord High School Principal, Lisa Kendall, for comment and to get the school’s policy on divisive political speech being promoted by teachers and staff. As of publication RNM has not received a response.

The parent says she was told by Principal Kendall that the BLM and LGBTQ stickers are protected speech and they could not keep the teacher from displaying them.

“They’re promoting their own personal beliefs on my kids. It’s ridiculous. My son can’t even pull out his bible in class.” The parent said. “This shouldn’t be in the classroom. It’s not supposed to be.”

A student provided the picture below showing the stickers in the teacher’s classroom have already been replaced.

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  1. I would go to the school board on the basis of a teacher exposing kids to communist propaganda.
    Action should be taken against the teacher. The discipline took the WRONG direction.

  2. I went around with Steve Hope from Goshen. There was a BLM sign, an Asian Hate Sign and a Consent Sign. I sent him an e mail and told him he promised no politics. He got the BLM sign down and left the other signs up. When I got pics from a inside source, he said that BLM provided donations to Biden and that made it political. He needs a new lens to define political. The signs remain.


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