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Journalist Receives Threats, Racist Comments for Reporting Facts

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — In an attempt to intimidate REAL News Michiana into taking down a story reporting relevant facts giving context about the criminal history of a homicide victim, activists and criminals sent dozens of threats and racist messages to award-winning journalist and decorated combat veteran Clifton French. Some even posted pictures of his house, his address and his phone number.

Here are just a few examples of the threats.

Many of the messages also included racial slurs directed toward the reporter. Many people simply made up lies about the journalist claiming he has a felonious past. You can see a couple of examples of those comments below.

The backlash came from a story outlining the violent criminal background of a man who was shot and killed over the weekend while attending a party being hosted by Holy Cross College students. While other media outlets were quick to jump on the narrative attacking Holy Cross, none of the other outlets did the smallest reporting on who the victim was and what he could have done to lead to his own violent end. You can read more about that story here.

RNM has filed police reports regarding the threats.

Intimidation tactics like these have become more and more common over the past 5 years with criminals and activists who have been emboldened across the country by using intimidation to get what they want.

As a note to anyone who plans to attempt physical violence against journalist Clifton French, he is a decorated combat veteran with a medal with valor for “displaying unwavering courage in the midst of enemy fire.” He is a highly trained fighter who is more than capable of defending himself. For your own wellbeing, RNM would suggest you sit this one out.

RNM will not be intimidated into hiding the truth.

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  1. Got your 6 brother!
    Evil will not triumph over Good, we know how the book ends. Valor over thugs every day is “Why The Sky Is Blue”!

  2. After reading these comments I think we need to be throwing some teachers in jail. None of these fools can put a sentence together!


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