UPDATE: Man Killed at Party Accused of Beating Multiple Women, Threatening to Shoot up House, Car

Montell O’Neal Mugshot, Courtesy: St. Joseph County Police Department

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Newly uncovered court documents show the victim in a deadly shooting in South Bend over the weekend was accused of violently attacking multiple women and at least one of their family members on multiple occasions. He’s accused of breaking the collar bone of one woman and accused of smashing another woman’s head into the floor in front of her 3-year-old child.

24-year-old Montell O’Neal was shot and killed around 3:45am on Sunday at a party on East Washington Street. No suspects are currently in custody.

According to court documents, O’Neal had several pending cases involving violent crimes. It’s unclear if they could be connected to his death. It’s also unclear why he was out of jail to begin with.

According to court documents, in January of 2019, O’Neal is accused of getting into an argument with the mother of one of his children. He’s accused of shoving her, picking her up and throwing her onto the ground multiple times. According to court documents, the mother suffered a broken collarbone and tooth. Court documents are attached below.

In April of 2019, O’Neal is accused of punching the mother of another child in the face and ribs in front of their toddler while the child screamed “don’t hit my mommy.” When the woman walked away, he’s accused of hitting her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground. He’s then accused of grabbing her head and bashing her face into the floor multiple times, all while the child begged for him to stop. Those documents can also be seen below.

In June of 2020, O’Neal is accused of attacking the grandfather of one of his children. Court documents allege O’Neal slammed the grandfather to the ground and punched him approximately 10 times in the face and body. Once again, those documents are attached.

In a 2015 conviction, O’Neal was accused of threatening to shoot of the house of the parents of a woman he was in a relationship with. “I’m gonna shoot up your house and if I see you in that Jeep, I’m gonna shoot that up,” he said, according to court documents. You can read the narrative of that incident below as well.

While other news organizations refuse to report on the criminal history of victims of violent crime, RNM is dedicated to exposing all of that information. A person’s past adds context and gives the community a better understanding of who is being targeted.

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