Another WSBT Alum Attacks Conservatives

Adam Derengowski, Former WSBT Sports Reporter — Photo Courtesy: Facebook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Another WSBT alum is spending his free time attacking conservatives. Former WSBT sports reporter, Adam Derengowski, joined in on the defense of WSBT reporter Max Lewis, who called conservatives “sick and pathetic” earlier this week.

Derengowski’s attack was focused on REAL News Michiana’s Clifton French. Below is a screenshot of his post on the RNM Facebook page, in response to a story written about Lewis’ demeaning comments toward conservatives.

According to Derengowski’s LinkedIn page, the former sports reporter left WSBT less than a year ago in October of 2020. He left the news business all together and currently works as a Marketing Associate at Tradition Transportation. He also uses the pronouns He/Him.

Derengowski’s unsolicited attack comes after RNM published a story in which WSBT Reporter, Max Lewis, called a local conservative group “sick and pathetic.” A post in which retired long-time WNDU anchor, Maureen McFadden, liked. You can read that story here.

RNM reached out to WSBT with the following email. As of publication, we have not received a response.

Good Morning,

I’m writing another story about a former WSBT employee attacking conservatives.

It seems WSBT employees many people with anti-conservative values. Why is that?

Do these statements represent WSBT?

Thank you,
Clifton French
REAL News Michiana

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