Objective Reporter Calls Conservatives “Sick and Pathetic” — Maureen McFadden Likes it.

Max Lewis — Photo Courtesy: Facebook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — WSBT darling and alleged objective journalist, Max Lewis, is showing his true colors by calling conservatives “sick and pathetic.” While WNDU icon, Maureen McFadden, echoes his disdain for conservatives by liking the comment.

Lewis wrote the insult directed toward the conservative group, Hoosier Conservative Voices, on September 6th. He was responding to a meme posted by the group, poking fun at St. Joseph County Deputy Health Officer, Dr. Mark Fox.

REAL News Michiana responded to the post, asking Lewis for comment. He did not respond.

RNM has learned Lewis’ last day at WSBT was Friday. However, his social media accounts still show him as employed by the TV station. His profile picture also depicts him as a representative of WSBT.

RNM reached out to WSBT for comment with the following email. As of publication, we have not received a response.

Good Morning,

I’m writing a story about former WSBT Reporter, Max Lewis, calling conservatives “sick and pathetic” — I see he left WSBT on Friday. However, all of his social media still shows WSBT. Do these comments represent WSBT?

I’m wondering if WSBT owns his Facebook page as well.

RNM also responded to the post asking Maureen McFadden for a comment. She simply wrote, “I’m retired.”

Maureen McFadden — Photo Courtesy: Facebook

McFadden was the long-time news anchor for WNDU. She retired from the station in 2019 after working there for 40 years. Her Facebook feed is full of leftist propaganda and anti-conservative content. Below is just a few examples.

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