Teacher Hurls Insult at Parent: “Crazy Crystal Meth”

Romy Swartout, Photo: Twitter

ELKHART, Ind. — An educator at Concord High School hurled an extreme insult at one of the school’s parents in a public social media forum, according to multiple parents of the school. REAL News Michiana received multiple tips about the post in which the educator gives the nickname, “Crazy Crystal Meth,” to a parent with whom she disagrees.

The post was made in the group called Friends of Concord Schools. Parents tell RNM the post was removed by the administrator of the group for breaking group policies. Multiple parents sent screenshots of the post prior to it being removed.

“A woman made a post about masks and what the school was going to do, asking what the school was going to do and that they were not being transparent.” Crystal Kidder tells RNM. “I commented on that post and said, ‘hopefully they keep it the way it is; let it be optional, let the parents choose.'” She said. “From there, just like normal, every teacher on that page attacked me.”

In one attack, a woman by the name of Romy Griffiths Swartout says “Do not engage. Her nickname in the community is Crazy Crystal Meth for a reason.” You can see the post below.

It turns out, Swartout is an educator at the High School. According to the Concord High School staff page, Swartout works in support services at the school. Support Services can mean many things, including Guidance Counselor or Special Education. RNM has requested a job description for her title, but has not yet received it. Open records show Swartout’s salary is nearly $75,000 per year. Swartout’s Linkedin page lists her as an English teacher.

“I was shocked. I didn’t know I was known as that name, first of all. Secondly… if this is how she feels, should I be concerned about how my kids are treated at school?”

Kidder currently has three children enrolled in the Concord school system.

RNM reached out to both the school district and Swartout for comment. As of publication, we have not yet received a response.

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  1. Interesting that the schools teach the kids no bullying yet the teacher use bullying tactics because they disagree with a person what other things are the teaching kids?

  2. I live in the Concord school district. I just left a message for Superintendent Dan Funston at 574.875.5161 with his assistant, Carla Warren.

    Consider calling and asking the Superintendent to require her to tender her resignation.

    If you do not live in the Concord district:
    1) Don’t mention it. They sound unprepared to vet the calls.
    2) If they do ask, remind them that you are a vested taxpayer in Concord schools due to taxes going to the state for redistribution.

    I opt for a civil approach because truth is on my side. I distance myself from irate, emotional appeals for fear of acting like a leftist. 😉


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