Judge Shoots Down IN Abortion Laws Aimed to Protect Women

A federal judge shot down several Indiana abortion laws, trampling Indiana’s right to regulate the termination of the unborn and protect the health of Hoosier women.

“It means abortion can be expanded in the state of Indiana and women will be less safe because of it.” Jackie Appleman, Right to Life Michiana, said. “More preborn humans will die.”

US District Court Judge of the Southern District of Indiana, Sarah Evans Barker, issued the judgement in the case brought by Whole Woman’s Health Alliance yesterday, striking down about half a dozen of the state’s regulations that were largely aimed at protecting women’s health. Whole Woman’s Health has a clinic in South Bend that provides the abortion pill to women who are up to 10-weeks pregnant.

The regulations shot down by Judge Barker include mandating second-trimester abortions be performed in hospitals or ambulatory surgical centers, some facility building requirements for abortion clinics and regulations on telemedicine in abortion care.

“It appears telemedicine is going to give the clinic a lot more flexibility on when and where the abortion pill is being administered.” Appleman said. “Right now, Whole Woman’s Health (in South Bend) has been unexpectedly closed on some weekends because they can’t find a doctor to administer abortion pills. They’ll be able to do more abortions now.”

Appleman says the judgement on facility building regulations will also expand the abortion industry across the state of Indiana.

“We know Planned Parenthood has been waiting to open clinics in Fort Wayne and Evansville.” Appleman explained. “With this law shot down, they’ll be able to open quicker and cheaper at the expense of women’s safety.”

You can see the judgement below.


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