Local GOP – Lincoln Day Dinner – A YUGE Success !

Jamie O’Brien

Author: Jamie O’Brien

Taxpaying patriots of all ages came together to celebrate the myriad of successes of the St. Joseph County Republican Party on Saturday evening.  Those in attendance were blessed to start the evening with all things American – a devout prayer, the pledge of allegiance and a rousing rendition of the national anthem.  And guess what? Not a single God-loving man or woman took a knee.  It was borderline nirvana and something that would probably have caused the US Women’s Soccer Team and other woke athletes and performers to flee the venue.

Several local and state-wide office holders said a few words as the attendees dined on Steak and Seafood rather than rubber chicken.  Participants displayed the type of enthusiasm that the Squad, Bolsheviks and other leftists fear as they try to manipulate future elections legislatively from the swamp.  Looking at the level of energy and agitation in the room, it was hard to imagine any democrat being elected to any position in Indiana.

The Indiana Secretary of State, Holli Sullivan, and State Auditor, Tera Klutz, reassured the many loyal Hoosiers that their tax dollars were being well spent and that election integrity, Republican style, is assured in Indiana.  This was welcomed news in light of the Biden, Harris, Obama craziness coming out of D.C.  Indiana taxpayers in attendance learned that a tax refund or credit is coming to Hoosiers again in a year or so due to the hard work of state legislators like Jake Teshka, Linda Rogers, Dale Devon, Ryan Mishler, Mike Bohachek and others.

Indiana Secretary of State, Holli Lawson speaking at the 2021 St. Joseph County Lincoln Day Dinner

Kyle Hupfer, the Indiana State Republican Party chairman shared some electoral successes, including some remarkable data concerning Republican victories across the state.  Turns out, Republicans hold 88% of County offices throughout Indiana.  The obvious question is; what about the other 12%?  Mr. Hupfer sounded encouraging about the ability of Indiana Republicans to continue their electoral dominance in light of ongoing reapportionment/redistricting.  He then heaped accolades on our own local Republican Party Chairman, Zachery Potts.  Mr. Potts shared data concerning the amazing growth in paid memberships in the local GOP organization, as well as the very strong bank balance – he contrasted this to the not-so-loyal opposition who locally have barely any money, as of last year end, to pay off their debt to their former party chairman, Owen “Butch” Morgan.  Of course, it appears that they (the local democrats) have refused to repay this debt for nearly a decade.  In a word . . . . #Sad. 

A St. Joseph County Republican event would not be complete without a few words from our very own, electoral-dynamo, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.  Jackie’s mere name evokes terror in her political opponents and her presence is beyond commanding.  She did not disappoint as she expressed her commitment to protecting Hoosiers’ Second Amendment rights and the rights of babies to be born.  Jackie also relayed her recent experience with a local ‘activist’ nearly running her over with his vehicle.  As Jackie left the podium, the level of enthusiasm was building and she, naturally, received a standing ovation.  One of the best things about Jackie is as much as the lefties dislike her and want to defeat her, they cannot do so.  Their social media trolls, try as they might, continually embarrass themselves as much as her next opponent in 2022 will.  Jackie out works, out fundraises and out thinks her political opponents, living rent free in their melons of mush.  And, she bends over backward to help taxpayers who seek her office’s assistance.  She is GREAT!

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski speaking at the 2021 St. Joseph County Lincoln Day Dinner

The Keynote speaker, Liz Wheeler, from One American News, spent a half hour with a stream of consciousness that would have made James Joyce look like a piker.  Ms. Wheeler regaled the energized crowd with a discussion and overview of the dangers and pitfalls of Critical Race Theory and of government overreach in light of the Covid pandemic.  Liz used clever story after clever story to show the multitude of flaws in the left’s positions on these and virtually every other issue.  Ms. Wheeler encouraged conservative loyalists to work to play political offense rather than defense and to take back America from those who seek to belittle and minimize our collective greatness.  It was indeed an amazing and inspiriting talk and one that won’t be matched for quite a while.

Liz Wheeler with Jamie O’Brien


  1. We were so happy to be included in such a special, inspiring evening. The GOP is definitely a great group with so many wonderful people leading our party. A very motivational evening, letting us know that not all politicians are swamp people. The GOP will lead us back to an America we can all be proud of.


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