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Man Who Shot Up House, Beat Up Woman, Did No Prison Time. Police Arrest Him Again With a Gun

Mugshot of Marcell Walker

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — REAL News Michiana is working to find out how an extremely violent felon was able to get out of jail after being convicted of two separate shootings. Then, while on probation, he was arrested for beating a woman only to be released again. Now, he’s facing several more felonies stemming from an arrest this weekend, including another weapons charge.

Mishawaka Police arrested 18-year-old Marcell Walker on Sunday on gun charges, invasion of privacy (stemming from a protective order in a domestic battery case) and resisting arrest. RNM has requested the charging documents, but they have not yet been filed.

However, RNM was able to get the charging documents from his various convictions and pending cases. All of which raise the question: How is this dangerous felon out on the street?

Let’s start with the first felony convictions.

According to court documents, Walker was involved in a drive-by shooting outside of Sam’s Food Mart on Lincoln Way West on June 15th, 2019. The documents say a man by the name of Markey Kinds was driving the vehicle while Walker fired several shots into the store around 11:00pm. You can read the narrative of the incident below.

About 12 hours later, Walker and Kinds were involved in another drive-by shooting, this time in broad daylight. Charging documents claim Walker shot at a home in the 500 block of N. Walnut Street in South Bend just before 11:00am. A mother and her two children were inside of that home. You can read the narrative of the incident below.

Walker was convicted in both of those shootings in adult court. However, he did not spend a single day in prison. Instead, he was sentenced to 4-years of probation with two years of house arrest.

Less than a year after a judge sentenced Walker for both of those crimes, police arrested him again for beating a woman. That case is still pending, but according to the probable cause affidavit, Walker punched the woman he was living with in the face on March 20th, 2021. That punch knocked her to the ground, he then pulled her back into their house and began hitting her again. Those documents are can also be seen below.

That incident was deemed to be a violation of his probation. However, Walker was released from jail again. He was only locked up for about 3 weeks before he posted bond.

The question still remains: How does our judicial system allow such a violent menace to terrorize our community?

On top of his criminal convictions, he openly brags about being involved in criminal activity.

A quick scrub of Walker’s social media (with his street name “Moee Mann”) shows him posting about potential gang affiliation, throwing up what appear to be gang hand signs and selling drugs. The drug selling posts use street lingo about “gas” which is slang for drugs.

In one post he appears to indicate that he always has a gun on him as well. “I ant trying die young so I ride w one” the post says.

Below are numerous examples of his social media posts.


  1. What a wonderful young man. Can any of his teachers in the area let us know the great experiences they had in class with him over the years? I’m sure there are countless tales of his polite, friendly demeaner to be shared!


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