Plymouth Elementary School dresses kids into giant rainbow flag

Students from Menominee Elementary School dressed and arranged into a giant LGBTQ flag — Photo posted to the Plymouth Community School Corporation Facebook Page on November 6th

PLYMOUTH, Ind. — Several parents are raising concerns after an elementary school in Plymouth dressed all of the children into what appears to be a giant LGBTQ rainbow flag. A photo posted to the Plymouth Community School Corporation Facebook page earlier this month features a school-wide photo of children from Menominee Elementary School. Each class is arranged in a row wearing a different colored shirt, mimicking the LGBTQ flag.

It appears several local businesses sponsored the initiative by paying for the shirts. The PCSC thanked all of the businesses in a Facebook post. However, it’s unclear if any of the businesses were aware that the shirts would be used to make an apparent political statement in favor of the LGBTQ agenda.

The Plymouth Community School Corporation has a history of pushing the LGBTQ agenda onto young children. In 2017, the school district faced backlash for a lesson about gender identity and sexual orientation from a middle school health class. According to a report from WSBT, 8th grade students were “shown a video called LGBTQ: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities.”

During COVID lockdowns in 2020, a teacher from Menominee Elementary School posted a video to the school’s Facebook page of her reading a book about a transgender crayon — that video can still be found on the school’s Facebook feed.

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