Complaints of racism prompt Dems to change flyer offering free rides to vote

Online flyer created and posted by the St. Joseph County Democrat Party to Facebook featuring a white man driving minorities who cannot afford a car to the polls.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Democrat Party decided to switch out a picture on an online flyer offering free rides to the polls after several complaints of racism. The flyer, which was posted to Facebook, originally featured an animated picture of a white man driving several minorities who cannot afford their own transportation to the polls.

“Minorities getting a ride from their white savior. Liberals have no self awareness.” One Facebook user wrote.

“I don’t like this graphic. It looks like you are implying that Black people can’t afford their own cars and need a white man to drive them around.” Another Facebook user wrote.

The graphic even drew the attention of a popular local conservative Youtube channel with a hilarious prank call.

The SJC Democrat Party initially defended the apparently racist picture in a reply to the criticism on Facebook.

“Nothing is implied other than giving info to those who may need ride (sic) to go vote. Let’s not overthink it and instead focus on getting everyone in South Bend to vote!” The SJC Democrats wrote.

Within a day of defending the graphic, the SJC Democrat Party switched out the picture and wrote a pseudo appology.

“The original graphic for this post included a clip art image that some saw as problematic. That was not our intent and we have updated this graphic.” The SJC Democrat Party wrote on Facebook.

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  1. Driving Miss Lazy? Can they come up with another insult?

    Are Dems the racist party and purveyor of the white savior complex? Insulting to all the hardworking American people of any color who never asked for this “help” and are perfectly capable of managing their own political affairs.

  2. The Dems are the same party who seem to think that black Americans can’t get a driver’s license or state ID card to vote, finish school or get a job without assistance, or even understand politics. Pure evil racism.


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