Mish. Clerk misspells own name in campaign advertisement

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Democrat Mishawaka City Clerk Debbie Ladyga-Block misspelled her own name in a recent campaign advertisement that was sent to thousands of voters across the City of Mishawaka. In the mailed advertisement, the Clerk spells her name as “Debbie Lady Block” instead of Ladyga-Block. She also misspells Mishawaka in the ad disclaimer, typing “Mishwaka” instead.

Debbie Ladyga-Block campaign advertisement from the 2023 Mishawaka City Clerk campaign in which she misspells her own name

Ladyga-Block is a Democrat running a heated re-election campaign against popular Republican challenger Louann Hazen. This is Ladyga-Block’s first Clerk seat challenger since 2011. She has held the City Clerk’s seat for 32-years — first elected in 1991.

While Ladyga-Block has problems spelling her own name and the name of the city in which she is an elected official, her main job as City Clerk is accurate record keeping. According to the City of Mishawaka government website, “the main responsibilities of the office are maintaining official city records such as the Common Council agendas, minutes, ordinances and resolutions. The office also serves as the keeper of the city seal, maintains the municipal code and oversees the Ordinance Violations Bureau. In addition, the city clerk certifies city documents, officiates weddings and assists with voter registration. The clerk works closely with the Common Council and council attorney to provide information to residents regarding the laws of the city.”

Ladyga-Block was also the St. Joseph County Democrat Party Vice Chair from 1997-2021. During that time, she was the right-hand of party Chair Butch Morgan who was sent to prison for an election fraud scheme in which he directed several voter registration employees to forge signatures to get Democrat candidates onto the ballot in the 2008 primary election.

While Morgan recently passed away, the party has owed him approximately $18,000 for years. In 2021, RNM questioned Ladyga-Block about the money owed to Morgan. She went on an unhinged tirade during the recorded conversation. You can listen to the interview here.

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