Fired Onlyfans teacher goes broke, blames her kids for ruining her life

Sarah Seales
Sarah Seales (Juree) advertising her Onlyfans content on social media

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The South Bend teacher who was fired following a REAL News Michiana investigation that uncovered she was moonlighting as a pornstar now claims her children are to blame for her ruining her life. Sarah Seales (Juree) was fired from her teaching job in June of last year after RNM published a story showing the educator was having her 10-year-old students call her by the nickname she used in her porn, “Miss Buttercup.”

“I think being a single mom ruined my life.” Sarah Seales (Juree) told Yahoo News earlier this month. “If I couldn’t support my family with my college degree, then I’ve failed my family. I wanted OnlyFans to be my saviour but it didn’t pan out like that. It’s been hard on my mental health.”

The Yahoo News article fails to mention that Sealess also married a convicted child molester. The man had already served time in prison and was listed on the sex offender registry at the time of their marriage.

It also appears Seals had been lying in the past by claiming in news interviews that she was earning $17,000/month on her porn content before coming out to claim she is actually broke.

Seales also attempted to raise money on GoFundMe for a legal fund to sue her former employer. She raised $0 in the first 5 months. However, after a left-wing outlet published a story about her legal fund struggles, Juree received 4 donations totalling $145. She hasn’t received a single donation in 3 months now.

Prior to being fired, Seales had been working as a teacher for DoD STARBASE. DoD STARBASE is a collaboration between school districts and the military, offering classes and camps in the STEM field across the country, mainly for children in 5th grade. South Bend’s STARBASE school is located at the National Guard Armory off of Kemble Avenue on the southwest side of town. Several local schools have partnerships with the program, where they send children for week of hands-on STEM based learning.

According to the Indiana National Guard website, “STARBASE is a Department of Defense educational program with four locations in Indiana, including Fort Wayne, South Bend, Gary and Indianapolis, residing at the Stout Field headquarters campus of the Indiana National Guard. Indiana STARBASE students participate in challenging “hands-on, minds-on” experiential activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in an environment that is both technological and that exposes them to positive civilian and military role models in their communities. The free, five-day, 25-hour intensive program is designed at the 5th grade level for an entire class (up to 32 students), and STARBASE also provides summer camps for individual students wishing to participate in the program.”

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