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PHM Principal resigns after student punches her in face and district covers it up

Sources tell RNM Schmucker Middle School Principal Kristyn Martin announced her resignation only weeks after the incident

Kristyn Martin, Former Principal of Schmucker Middle School

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned the Principal of Schmucker Middle School resigned at the end of the school year following a vicious attack by a student. According to sources within PHM schools, Principal Kristyn Martin was punched in the face by the student resulting in severe bruising to the face. No police report was taken and the student was not arrested, according to sources. Within weeks, Martin announced she was resigning from her position to take an administration job in another district. However, RNM has not been able to confirm if Martin’s decision to leave the PHM district is directly related to the incident.

Documents obtained by RNM show the incident happened on April 21st of this past school year. But, those documents appear to cover-up the severity of the incident.

In an email sent to the Penn Harris Madison School Board containing an incident report, there is no mention of the physical attack. Instead, it appears top district leadership downplayed the incident in communication with the board. RNM obtained a copy of that email which can be seen below.

“At Schmucker this morning, a student became escalated and eloped from the building. The CPI team was notified and the student was in sight of an adult at all times. Once outside the student ran to the fence by the football field. Tommy Teeter was notified and offered support along with school SROs. The parent of the student was notified and then came to the school to take the student home.” The email to board members stated.

“They don’t want police reports. They don’t want press coverage. They want to protect the image of PHM being extremely safe.” One source who wished not to be named told RNM. “SRO’s were not allowed to intervene because of these protocols.”

“Attacks on teachers and staff are common place across PHM. Nothing is done because of policies in place to protect the image of the school corporation.” The source continued.

At the May 22nd school board meeting, Board Member Matt Chaffee brought up his concerns regarding the incident and requested more information and documentation including video of the attack. RNM reached out to Chaffee to see if he had been provided any of the documentation. Chaffee tells RNM he has received none of what he requested.

“It is my job to protect students as well as teachers and staff.” Chaffee said. “We need to get to the bottom of this to ensure PHM continues to be a safe place for our children and educators.”

“I’m very concerned that the physical attack was not communicated to the board.” Chaffee continued. “This all needs to be addressed to maintain a safe environment on campus.”

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  1. “At Schmucker this morning, a student became escalated and eloped from the building. Is this the type of writing that is currently being taught in teaching schools? I cannot figure out what thought is attempting to be communicated. Escalate and eloped, a student in a hurry eloped? PHM was once thought of as the one of the best in the area. Woke ism destroys everything it touches.

  2. She didn’t deserve this. It’s really disgusting that the school board is covering this up. I’ve been out of school for almost 40 years and the last thing I would have done is strike a teacher or anyone in administration. Kids today are babied way too much. If I had done that my father would have beaten the hell out of me, and rightly so.

  3. Ridiculous that board would allow this…let’s see what will happen if a family member of this board is attacked..will there be a discussion then?


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