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Conservatives respond to Supreme Court ruling on Indiana abortion ban

The Indiana Supreme Court upholds Indiana's abortion ban on the last day of "Pride" month

INDIANA — Conservatives and pro-life organizations are celebrating the Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold a near total ban on abortions in the state. Hoosier lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the pro-life legislation last year following the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. However, the law had been stymied by lawsuits brought on by radical abortion activist groups. The Supreme Court of Indiana ruled in favor of the state, finding the law banning most abortions is not unconstitutional.


Todd Rokita
Todd Rokita, Indiana Attorney General

“The Indiana Supreme Court has just upheld the abortion laws passed by the Indiana General Assembly. We celebrate this day – one long in coming, but morally justified. Thank you to all the warriors who have fought for this day that upholds LIFE.” Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita stated in a news release following the decision.


“The Indiana Constitution clearly upholds the right to life of all Hoosiers. This lawsuit was merely a stall tactic so Indiana’s abortion industry could profit as much as possible before the law changed permanently.” Voices for Life Executive Director Melanie Lyon said. “We recognize this is not a final victory for pro-life Hoosiers with the threat of other lawsuits and abortion tourism States on our border. We at Voices for Life will not rest in our education and enforcement efforts until every woman and baby is safe from the threat of abortion.”


State Representative Jake Teshka
State Representative Jake Teshka, Republican, District 7

“This is a monumental day for unborn Hoosiers. I am honored that I was able to play a small role in the culmination of 50 years of hard work by many in the pro-life movement.” Teshka told REAL News Michiana.


Todd Rokita and Rudy Yakym
Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and Congressman Rudy Yakym, Indiana 2nd Congressional District

“One year after Dobbs, this is another great win for life in Indiana!” Congressman Rudy Yakum wrote on social media.

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