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Potawatomi Zoo attacks Christians in Facebook “Pride” post

Potawatomi Zoo “Pride” Themed T-shirt

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The Potawatomi Zoo took to Facebook to attack Christians and their faith as part of a “Pride Month” push. The zoo was promoting a Pride themed t-shirt on their social media page in a post last week when several people spoke in opposition to the zoo getting involved in social issues they disagree with. Instead of ignoring the opposition or being respectful of their faith, the person running the zoo’s social media account turned to insults.

“Kids don’t need to celebrate adult sexual choices. Leave the kids alone.” One poster commented.

“Absolutely.” another responded.

“Totally agree! Stop with the LGBT pride stuff. It’s wrong and should not be paraded around. God made man to be with a women (sic). And everything else is a sin. Let’s call it what it is.” another poster said.

In response to the pushback, the zoo posted an insulting, snarky remark; “Sir, this is a zoo.”

“We’re just going to assume you don’t know anything about the zoo.” The account posted to another user. “Ohhhhh okay. Now we understand… you don’t actually know anything about the Zoo or zoos in general.”

After more backlash, the person in charge of the zoo account posted another dismissive remark — “Thank you for your concern!”

At the same time, the Zoo was cheering on other folks who were spewing anti-Christian hate.

“Thank YOU for being a zoo person and thank you for such kind words.” The zoo account posted after someone said they should ignore the Christian concerns.

RNM left a post on the same thread asking for comment regarding the alienation of Christian and conservative customers. We did not receive a response. You can contact the Zoo by calling (574) 235-9800 or sending an email to info@potawatomizoo.org.

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  1. The zoo gets a large part of its funding from St. Joseph County. In a 2019 report: “Indiana legislature circumvented a local board to ensure a source of funding for the Potawatomi Zoo and a proposed athletic complex in Mishawaka.

    The maneuver, which came as an addendum to the recently approved state budget, stipulates that 1% of St. Joseph County’s 6% tax on hotel rooms will be distributed between the zoo and the athletic complex over the next five years, with the zoo receiving about 40% of the total or $378,648 per year and the youth sports complex receiving the remainder — about $567,972.”

    I would also recommend St. Joseph County residents write to the County Council and Board of Commissioners.


  2. I thought pride, in the sense of zoo animals, related to a group of lions that live together. Each pride has its own territory. Could we not demand the zoo teach this to the children? Let’s leave the rainbow colored unicorns for when they are adults if that is the road they choose for themselves.

  3. Called and spoke to Kim in HR and just snicked on the phone at me and could care less about my concerns. I will not go to that zoo ever again nor will I renew another membership!


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