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Kids’ summer camp hires trans counselors, pushes gender theory on children

Children posing for a photo while attending Camp Whitley — Photo: https://campwhitley.org/

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned a historic summer camp for children in Whitley County is actively hiring transgender camp counselors while at the same time pushing radical gender theory onto children as young as 7-years-old.

Camp Whitley, which was founded in 1928, has openly boasted about hiring LGBTQ activist counselors to influence young children. The camp’s Facebook page includes profiles of multiple counselors. One of them, who goes by the name “Wes,” claims to be a non-binary art education professional who uses He/They pronouns. Wes appears to be a woman who pretends to be a man or some sort of androgynous human.

Another counselor who goes by “Ash” appears to be a radical LGBTQ activist with green hair whose facebook page is covered in gay pride propaganda.

RNM has further learned that the Director of the summer camp (who is responsible for hiring counselors and running the camp) is an elementary school teacher. According to her Facebook page, Director Hannah Walters works at Little Turtle Elementary School. The school’s website lists her as a Para-Professional at the school.

Further, the online registration form for the camp directs folks to fill in the preferred pronouns of the children who will be attending, pushing the radical gender theory onto the children who are as young as 7-years-old.

Several parents have voiced concerns over the counselors and the pronoun requests at the camp. In response, the camp’s board of directors posted an open letter to social media in which it doubles down on the LGBTQ indoctrination of children while gaslighting the concerns of the public.

“We pride ourselves on being a fun, safe, and inclusive environment and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure ALL people feel welcome at our camp.” The letter reads in part.

Camp Whitley is not the first summer camp in the area to face controversy in regard to transgender camp counselors. Camp Tannadoonah in Vandalia, Michigan, had a transgender man stay in the same cabin as young girls last summer. Several counselors also took it upon themselves to give lessons to the children regarding gender theory and pronoun choices.

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