WVPE hires Democrat politician as objective reporter, paying him your tax dollars

Jeff Parrott, Reporter for WVPE — Photo: Linkedin

ELKHART, Ind. — NPR’s (National Public Radio) local station, WVPE, hired a failed Democrat politician to be an objective reporter with the station. The taxpayer subsidized news outlet hired Jeff Parrott shortly after he lost a bid for the Harris Township Board this past November. Parrott ran on the Democrat ticket and garnered only approximately 17% of the vote.

Parrott started working for the public news outlet in April of this year, according to his Linkedin account. He was a reporter for the South Bend Tribune for nearly 7 years before jumping into the Public Relations world last year. He worked in PR for Beacon Health Systems for only approximately 9 months before starting a job with Federated Digital Solutions as a Social Media Specialist. His tenure at FDS was also short lived.

In 2021, financial records show WVPE received nearly $300,000 in taxpayer funding. WVPE and NPR purport to be unbiased news sources.

Parrott frequently carries water for Democrat causes in his stories. He recently defended a twice arrest child molester/career violent felon who partnered up with the St. Joseph County Democrat Party to intimidate a local mother and her 7 children outside of their home at 6:30am while the children were preparing for school.

You can contact WVPE to express your concerns about their content and coverage by calling 574-674-9873 or by sending an email to wvpe@wvpe.org.

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