WATCH: Councilwoman drops N-word prompting ethics investigation

Sharon McBride
Sharon McBride, South Bend Common Council President

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — According to sources, the South Bend Common Council has opened an ethics investigation into the President of the council following a event in which she used the N-word in front of the public.

“My mother was what you would call a house n*****.” Common Council President Sharon McBride said during a candidate town hall event at the 1 Roof Community Center on April 11th.

McBride, who is running for re-election in South Bend’s 3rd District, was speaking about reparations when she dropped the derogatory term and was sitting next to her Republican and Democrat challengers at the time.

Sources tell REAL News Michiana, a member of the community filed a complaint following the incident. Now, according to sources, the Common Council is planning an executive session to discuss the potential rules violation scheduled for April 24th. An email regarding the executive session can be seen below. However, details about the reason behind the investigation were not made public.


This isn’t the first time McBride has been caught on camera using vulgar language. In March of 2022, RNM published a story and video in which McBride went on a profanity laced diatribe about the area homeless and her colleagues. At one point, the Democrat loathes taxpayer dollars being used to help the “motherf****rs.” In the video, McBride is either calling the homeless “dirty” or referring to the number of people housed in a questionable facility.

The video, time stamped from February 11th, is from security cameras at the old Madison Center psychiatric hospital at 701 N. Niles Avenue in South Bend. McBride is seen visiting the facility with two other elected officials, County Commissioner Derek Dieter (Republican) and County Council Vice President Robert “Bobby” Kruszynski (Democrat).

The Madison Center has been at the center of controversy as it was secretly turned into housing for the homeless. There have been several questions about zoning and the legality of its current operations along with neighborhood concerns, as covered by several news outlets including WSBT. The South Bend Tribune reported about the potential illegal funneling of money into the center from other homeless charities last month.

It appears McBride and the two other elected officials were looking into those reported issues when they were captured on the security video.

“I was extremely surprised by the language used by some council members.” South Bend Common Council Member, Henry Davis Jr., said at a Council meeting on February 28th of last year. “The language that was used and the ability to shame the homeless in that video by council president really set a really horrible tone. It was embarrassing. I think that if we’re going to do what we’re supposed to do, which is serve the public, we need to serve all people… I don’t think name calling or pointing or blaming someone for doing something we don’t like… I think it’s incumbent upon us to use all of the professionalism that we have in order to make the things real for all citizens here in South Bend.”

“It smelled like a urinal in the facility.” McBride responded. “On top of it, while I was visiting, finding out that people were paying rent, out of homeless, people taken advantage of the disadvantage to be paying money out of their pocket on top of what the ERA (Emergency Rental Assistance) funds is being paid for. I was very upset.”

“It was a private conversation that was secretly recorded and leaked out and shared among some of my colleagues.” McBride Continued. “So by the content and the context of what I said, very upsetting to see that homeless people, being used by some of our own council that knew that that building was not properly zoned and for 8 to 9 months did not share that information with council, knowing that that facility was not zoned properly because it came before us.”

McBride then chastised her colleagues on the council before trying to adjourn the meeting.

“If you’re going to talk to me, you’re going to talk to me. But this is not the platform. This is not the platform.” She said.

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  1. Whoa, Clifton. You’re exposing your historical ignorance here. Ms. McBride has every right to respectfully refer to her beloved mother in that context. You need to delve into the teachings of Malcolm X for starters.


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