FAREWELL DR. EINTERZ: A look back at the St. Joseph County Health Officer’s accomplishments — #2

Dr. Robert Einterz, Health Officer, St. Joseph County Department of Health

As St. Joseph County Health Officer, Dr. Robert Einterz, finishes his last week as the head of the county’s health department, REAL News Michiana has put together a week long series of stories to look back at his accomplishments. Einterz announced his resignation late last year following the 2022 election. His last day is Friday, March 31st.

NUMBER 2: Health Officer Screams at Woman Claiming her 6-Year-Old Child Could be a Rapist


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — In a crazed and disgusting tangent discussing abortion during a St. Joseph County Board of Health meeting in July of 2022, Health Officer Dr. Robert Einterz made the claims that a board member’s 6-year-old son could rape the 9-year-old daughter of the board’s attorney.

“You may think, when your son… happens to rape his daughter, you and your legislature friends have the authority to tell Mr. Lebbin and his daughter and his wife, what to do with that situation.” St. Joseph County Health Officer, Dr. Robert Einterz, said.

“Doctor Einterz, talking about my 6-year-old son raping a 9-year-old…” Ellen Reilander, St. Joseph County Board of Health Member, said before she was interrupted.

“Yes! I will talk about that!” Einterz angrily replied, while pointing and appearing to become threatening toward the female board member. “Because we want to think that this does not happen to people in this room. You want to make this anonymous. I will absolutely say this because we have seen individuals, men, who come from families just like you who have raped women. And, we need to make it real and this makes it real.”

“Dr. Einterz, I am a board member. You do not criticize my minor children.” Reilander replied.

The Board of Health president then interrupted, getting the meeting back on track to discuss what was being debated prior to Dr. Einterz’ disgusting remarks.

It turns out, the board was talking about the process of how press releases were to be written and approved. That discussion did stem from a pro-abortion press release sent by the Health Department last month.

Two different media outlets were at the meeting, both of the outlets ignored the outburst by the county’s top health official. One of the reporters was from the local NPR station, WVPE. REAL News Michiana is working to confirm the identity and affiliation of the other reporter.

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