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Penn High School teacher pushes LGBTQ politics in math class

Megan Darr, Penn High School Math Teacher — Photo: Facebook

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Photographs have emerged showing a Penn High School math teacher pushing LGBTQ politics in her Geometry class for Freshman students. Pictures posted on the Penn High School Freshman Academy Instagram page show a massive LGBTQ pride flag hanging on the wall in Miss Megan Darr’s classroom during a geometry lesson.

“Ms. Darr’s geometry students were introduced to triangles in architecture this week…” The post reads in part, failing to mention the massive LGBTQ political symbol in the background. However, the post does cover the faces of the children with emojis to protect their identities.

According to sources, Darr did not have the flag hung on the wall during parent walk throughs and only added after it appeared parents would not be entering her classroom en masse.

Sources also sent RNM a picture of a pride flag symbol on a window next to Darr’s classroom’s front door. The particular symbol is typically meant to inform students that they are welcome to speak with that teacher about their sexuality.

The LGBTQ pride flag is an overtly political symbol, initially designed at the behest of politician and activist, Harvey Milk. Just as a Confederate flag or Nazi flag, the Pride flag is inherently political in nature, pushing sexaul, environmental and socialist ideology.

Due to the political nature, several school districts across the country have started to impose bans on the flags being displayed in classrooms, just like any other political speech.

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  1. Don’t think that sending your child to a Christian school will allow you to escape this sodomite indoctrination. There’s a Christian school on Ireland Rd (near Ewing) that has a rainbow flag in one of their windows. There’s no excuse not to homeschool.


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