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REPEAT PETE: Buttigieg avoids tough questions — Just like he did as mayor

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is reverting back to tactics that worked for him as Mayor of South Bend; avoiding tough questions by simply ignoring reporters.

He avoided questions from a Daily Caller reporter in Washington D.C., prior to visiting the environmental disaster caused by a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. He told the reporter to schedule something with his media team because he was taking some personal time. Then, for some strange reason, asked to take a picture of the reporter. My assumption is that he planned to reach out to the reporter's newsroom to lodge a complaint, something he had done with me in the past.

Then, when he finally did make his trip to Ohio, Pete simply walked away from reporters hoping his handlers would take care of everything for him. The response by his press secretary is also standard. She wants to control the narrative and have plausible deniability if she says something that may look wrong.

While working for ABC57, I tried to warn everyone about Pete's incompetency and aversion of anything that could tarnish his image back when he was Mayor in 2019. As he and his team avoided me for more than a month regarding major issues within his police department, I decided to ambush him in the elevator of the County-City Building in Downtown South Bend. A member of Pete's staff told me when he was planning to leave his office. So, I positioned myself in a place where I could spend 14 floors questioning the Mayor and presidential candidate. He refused to answer a single question and instead gaslit me, telling me I should schedule something with his team -- which I had attempted to do for weeks.

"Are we doing an interview here in the elevator?" Pete said to me.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'm doing an interview. Mayor, I haven't been able to get ahold of you." I responded.

"Let's go ahead and set something up." He responded. "Alright, well let's see if we can set something up."

"So you're not going answer any questions about that (issues regarding his police department)?

Buttigieg then turned his attention to an opening elevator door on the 12th floor as someone walked in. He ignored me and my questions for the entirety of the ride down to the lobby. He still has not answered a single question.

The public is finally starting to learn who Pete Buttigieg truly is. And, I'm happy to say, "I told you so."

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