Indianapolis Planned Parenthood fails to report abuse after performing abortion on 15-year-old

Planned Parenthood located on Georgetown Rd. in Indianapolis, Indiana — Photo: GoogleMaps

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A Planned Parenthood location on northwest side of Indianapolis failed to report child abuse to the Department of Child Services, as required by state law, when a doctor there aborted the baby of a 15-year-old. RNM was able to confirm the age of the mother and the lack of reporting to DCS through documents known as “Terminated Pregnancy Reports (TPRs)” that are filed with the Indiana Department of Health. Violations like this have lead to the suspension of medical licenses in the past. Subscribers can see the documents below.

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According to the TPR from the clinic located on Georgetown Road, the abortion was performed in March of this year. The baby was 9-weeks in gestation and the abortion was completed using the abortion pill method. The doctor who performed the abortion is Rhiannon Amodeo-Bankert.

According to IC 16-34-2-5(b) — “If an abortion procedure is performed for a patient who is less than sixteen (16) years of age, the health care provider must submit the TPR within three (3) days after the procedure to IDOH as outlined above and separately to the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS)”

In fact, just this past July, the Indiana Department of Health made sure all abortion providers were aware of the law by sending the following memo outlining reporting requirements.

“Voices for Life is working with the Indiana Department of Health and the Attorney General to ensure this 15 year old’s safety and hold this abortionist accountable.” Melonie Lyon, Executive Director of Voices for Life, said. “It’s no surprise to us that a person who profits off of the taking of innocent human life is willing to turn a blind eye to abuse. Similar failure to report an abortion on a minor by former South Bend abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer, led to the loss of his medical license.”

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