Sheriff’s wife abruptly leaves Clerk job as State Police start investigation into office

Former Clerk of Circuit Court employee Kimberly Redman and her husband, Democrat St. Joseph County Sheriff Bill Redman — Photo: Facebook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has confirmed St. Joseph County Sheriff Bill Redman’s wife, Kimberly Redman, abruptly left her job at the Clerk of Circuit Court’s Office at nearly the exact same time the Indiana State Police began their investigation into potential election crimes there.

According to Kim Redman’s personnel records, obtained by RNM through a public records request, Redman left her job with the Clerk’s Office on July 8th of this year. Only 6 days later, on July 14th, a letter was sent to the St. Joseph County Commissioners regarding the retention of an attorney for the Clerk and her office regarding the Indiana State Police investigation. The attorney retained by the Clerk is James Korpal. Korpal is the same attorney who oversaw the recount of ballots in the 2018 Democrat Sheriff’s primary in which Kim’s husband, Bill Redman, won the election by less than 20 votes.

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The investigation into the Clerk’s Office involves the office’s handling of absentee ballots. In May, RNM uncovered the Clerk’s Office was in possession of multiple keys to gain access to the secured ballot room. The room in the County-City Building, in Downtown South Bend, is secured with two different locks, one for the Republicans the other for the Democrats. In theory, a Republican and Democrat keyholder must be present to gain access to the ballots. While Republican leadership was under the impression that only one key existed for each lock, it turns out there could be up to 7 keys total, with multiple Republican keys being held by Democrats.

The Indiana State Police opened another investigation into the office after a REAL News Michiana investigation last month uncovered video of Clerk Rita Glenn disposing of documents after entering the secured absentee ballot area, alone, after hours, the night before the 2022 primary election. She is seen taking a plastic bag into the ballot room, then coming out with several documents which she disposes of by shoving them down the sides of a blue trash can. Glenn and the Democrat Board member of the St. Joseph County election board then voted to allow Glenn to run absentee elections on her own, without bipartisan oversight, leading to a lawsuit by the Indiana Republican party.


RNM also discovered through Kimberly Redman’s personnel file, that she started her job in the Clerk’s Office at nearly the same exact time that her husband announced his plan to run for St. Joseph County Sheriff.

Redman began working in the office on August 25th, 2017. RNM has not been able to verify the exact date of Bill Redman’s announcement to run for Sheriff. However, we do know it was shortly after former St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Commander, Tim Corbett, announced his bid on August 16th, 2017.

The primary race between Bill Redman and Corbett was extremely close, with a recount ordered after Redman defeated Corbett by less than 20 votes. The current ISP investigations and timing of Kimberly Redman’s hiring and termination have now led to some serious questions regarding her involvement in the potential mishandling of absentee ballots.


RNM is still trying to determine why Kimberly Redman left her job in the office. Sources have told RNM several different reasons for the decision, including the investigation by the Indiana State Police. Different sources tell RNM Redman left her job because of symptoms caused by “long COVID” and that she wanted to spend more time with her grandchildren.

RNM has not been able to get in contact with Kimberly Redman.

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