South Bend Schools hires CFO’s sister who embezzled money from Ivy Tech

Faheemah Fowler — Mugshot: St. Joseph County Jail

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned that South Bend Community Schools hired the sister of the district’s Chief Financial Officer, despite a long criminal history of theft, including a case where she embezzled money from the Ivy Tech bookstore.

Faheemah Fowler was hired as the attendance secretary at Dickinson Intermediate Academy and was listed on the school’s roster last week. Faheemah fowler is the sister of the district’s CFO and Assistant Superintendent, Kareemah Fowler. RNM was provided verified documents showing Faheemah Fowler on staff and confirmed the hire through multiple sources within the district. However, when RNM questioned district leaders about the hire last week, a spokesperson sent a one sentence email stating Faheemah Fowler is not employed by the SBCSC.

Kareemah Fowler, CFO and Assistant Superintendent South Bend Community School Corporation


Faheemah Fowler has a long criminal history going back to 2000 when she was charged with disorderly conduct. Below is a list of charges and their status.

2002: Conversion (theft) — Dismissed after a pretrial diversion agreement.

2004: Disorderly Conduct — Disposition unknown.

2014: Conversion (Theft) — Guilty

2015: Leaving the Scene of a Crash — Guilty

2015: Theft — Guilty

2020: Theft — Guilty

According to news reports from 2015, Fowler was arrested for embezzling money from the Ivy Tech Bookstore where she was an employee at the time.

Her latest conviction stems from a shoplifting incident at a local walmart. RNM was able to obtain court documents including the narrative to the arrest which can be viewed by RNM subscribers below.

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According to multiple sources within the school district, as an attendance secretary, Fowler would be responsible for handling money for various reasons.

RNM has been told by multiple sources, who wished not to be named out of fear of retaliation, the decision to hire Fowler caused major outrage and discontent within the district potentially leading to Fowler never starting the position.

RNM reached out to Fowler for comment. She tells RNM she never worked at Dickinson, however she was offered the position.

“I considered the position that I declined plain and simple.” Fowler said.

The SBCSC would not answer questions regarding the hire and if Faheemah Fowler’s relationship to the district’s CFO played a role in her obtaining the job. As mentioned previously in the story, the SBCSC denies Fowler’s employment.

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