Beacon Health to Employees: Go Woke or Find a New Job

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — One of Michiana’s largest employers has an ultimatum for its employees: Go woke, or find a new job. In an email about a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion survey, Beacon Health System told employees they need to get on board with their radical agenda regarding transgenderism and race or they need to find a job with another organization.

“You provided us with a lot of good information from our first survey.” The email reads. “Most importantly, the majority of respondents shared the desire for Beacon to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization… There were also a few respondents who had negative remarks, and I welcome them to either begin their own journey in diverse and inclusive thinking or begin their own journey to another organization.”

Beacon is the largest healthcare provider in the region serving more than 4,000 patients daily. The hospital system has more than 1,000 providers, 20 specialized partners and more than 7,000 associates, according to the Beacon Health System website. Beacon also has 74 locations in a 5 county area across Michiana.

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  1. The largest move to socialism within a corporation have seen. When your freedom to believe and think as an individual is different from other’s and there are consequences it is socialism!

  2. Not surprised and I hear they are firing a lot of people also, but I think many will be leaving on their own. I think the nurse staff there are about fed up with the BS.

  3. It’s always reassuring when people are hired for race/gender/orientation instead of skill/education/experience. It’s sure to improve the quality of service, and highly unlikely to get anyone killed… Right? I mean, it’s not like they are building bridges or flying planes, this is only healthcare after all.


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