Teshka Wins Primary in Landslide Despite Challenger’s Dishonest Campaign

State Representative Jake Teshka
State Representative Jake Teshka, Republican, District 7

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Indiana’s 7th District House Rep., Jake Teshka, walked away with a landslide victory over primary challenger Sarina Williams, taking more than 70 percent of the vote in St. Joseph county alone. His victory comes despite a nasty and dishonest campaign waged by Williams against him. In the end, Teshka took nearly 50 percent of the vote district wide.

Williams had gone on a vicious campaign against Teshka making multiple false allegations. She claimed Teshka voted against an immunity passport ban, parental rights, the right to worship and visiting families in hospitals or hospice during times of emergencies. All of those are outright lies. In fact, Teshka voted in favor of, and/or helped get passed into law, nearly all of those issues.

Williams also claimed Teshka was using tax dollars on his campaigns. That is a lie. Campaigns are funded through campaign donations.

“I am grateful to the Republicans in House District 7 for Trusting me with the party’s nomination and happy that this ugly campaign is behind us.” Teshka told REAL News Michiana. “We will celebrate tonight but soon turn our focus to the fall and not giving one inch to leftists in Michiana this November.”

Teshka faces Democrat Ross Deal in a rematch from the 2020 election. Deal was the incumbent in that race. Teshka is currently serving his first term in the office.

(A previous version of this story only included vote totals from St. Joseph County. This story has been updated to show totals from other counties in the district.)

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  1. Clifton, you need to be less biased in your reporting on candidates. If Sarina made some false statements, show citations for it, or ask her yourself. And also show the Teshka voting record.

  2. I’ve done my work. I always do. I suggest voters do the same. I also appreciate an honest candidate. Sarina was not. I will call people on my side when they’re wrong. I think I’ve shown that — here’s a quick list of “Republicans” I have written bad stories about — Linda Rogers, Deb Fleming, Derek Dieter and now Sarina Williams.

  3. I have witnessed a less than honorable stance from you regarding the Indiana primary elections.
    In an attempt to discredit a candidate. You continue to make claims about your candidate Teshka even though his actions prove differently and are public information.
    You have given this reader NO proof of wrongdoing and have shown me that you are not a man of valor nor honor.
    Cancel my subscription and monthly immediately. You have disgraced the uniform you claim to honor.

    Robert Waldusky


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