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WATCH: Hypocrite SJC Deputy Health Officer Maskless at Crowded Restaurant, Bar

Dr. Mark Fox
Dr. Mark Fox, St. Joseph County Deputy Health Officer

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Deputy Health Officer Dr. Mark Fox is apparently showing signs of mask fatigue. On Monday night, a witness spotted the St. Joseph County Department of Health spokesman enjoying a night out at the Evil Czech Brewery in Mishawaka. The problem was: Fox was not masking up. “We are at Evil Czech, and he’s been here longer than we have with no mask the entire time,” reported the witness.  “The bar was busy, with people mingling and servers, and at no time did he make any intention to distance or mask up.”

“Also, none of the waitstaff was wearing masks in the entire building, which is the business’ prerogative, but why was he so comfortable being in/supporting an establishment that doesn’t take Covid seriously?” added the witness.

The video of a maskless Dr. Fox is a bit shaky. However, he can be seen sitting at a table with another person as waitstaff check up on his table.

Only a few weeks ago, in an interview with ABC57, Fox warned about getting lazy about following Covid-19 protocols. When asked if people are well prepared to handle Omicron and other variants, this is how Fox answered: “That’s a great question,” Fox replied. “I think we’re not very well prepared at this point. Because I think there’s a fair amount of fatigue just about Covid precautions in general. There’s a certain level of skepticism that it’s the variant of the week; and unfortunately, some people won’t take that very seriously. But, all the same, mitigation strategies that have been recommended in terms of hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette, wearing a mask, Health Officer Maskless, especially in closed public spaces or areas with poor ventilation, physical distancing, and all those things should help whether its Covid, this variant or that variant, as well as with the flu, which has been picking up in our area and actually right now is the bigger cause of concern in some respects in our area.”
In early November, Fox also cautioned readers in the South Bend Tribune that we’re not yet out of the woods and talked about the risks of mask fatigue. “It’s not over,” Fox said. “If people aren’t motivated to go get boosters, they’re going to experience some decrease in protection from the vaccine. So if you take those factors in combination, cold weather driving people inside, Health Officer Maskless, family traditions of gathering for the holidays, greater length of time from vaccination, and ongoing fatigue with mask use, that’s the basis for expecting things will get worse between now and the beginning of the year.”

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