EXCLUSIVE: State Rep. Describes Madman Shooting At Him, Family on US 20 Bypass

Photo of two bullet holes in State Representative Jake Teshka’s car after attacker fired a gun at him on the US 20 bypass

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana spoke exclusively to Republican State Representative, Jake Teshka, about an incident in which a seemingly random man shot into his car while he was driving down the US 20 bypass. His children, ages 3 and 6, were both in the car with him.

“They’re shook up for sure. They keep talking about it. I think they are, thankfully, young enough to not grasp the severity of the situation. They’re not thinking ‘daddy could have died’ or ‘we could have died.'” Teshka told RNM.

State Representative Jake Teshka (R)

The shooting happened around 4:30pm on Wednesday. Teshka says he had just pulled onto the bypass from Cleveland Road. He was coming down the onramp when he first noticed the soon-to-be shooter.

“He was right up on my tail.” Teshka said. “He was driving a newer model maroon Dodge Caravan.”

“So, I sped up as we were getting on the highway. He flies by me, jerks over to the left lane and takes off.” Teshka recalled. “I was just thinking, this guy is a jerk.”

“I saw there was a truck in the right lane ahead, so I got into the left lane to pass. The next thing I know, this minivan is in the lane next to me. The diver has the window down and he starts shooting into my car.”

Teshka says one bullet narrowly missed his head. Exiting the driver’s side window.

“Two bullets went through the passenger side door. One bullet hit the front passenger seat. Another went through the driver’s side window.” Teshka explained.

It’s not clear if this was targeted. When asked if he believed this State Rep shooting could have been political in nature, Teshka responded with the following.

“Personally, I think this was just random. But that was a question that’s been asked and still needs to be flushed out. But, I think this was random. Road rage. I keep thinking of things I could have done to make him mad. I don’t know. It was just insane.”

Teshka was injured by some broken glass while State Rep shooting. He had a shard in his eye and some pieces in his hand. However, his children were not injured.

Teshka describes his attacker as a bald, light-skinned black male with a rounder face. He was driving a new model maroon Dodge Caravan with Georgia plates. Both the South Bend Police Department and the Indiana State Police are investigating.

The South Bend Tribune falsely reported Teshka’s windshield was struck by a bullet.

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