Criminal “Activist” Attempts to Silence Journalist With Fake Cease and Desist, Protection Orders

Vernado Malone, Justice for Michiana
Vernado Malone, Justice for Michiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A multiple convicted felon and accused sexual predator turned “activist” is once again trying to intimidate a local journalist from investigating his numerous crimes and alleged fraud. Now, the founder of Justice For Michiana, Vernado Malone, claims to have served journalist Clifton French with a hand written cease and desist order. Malone also claims to have filed for a protection order, that was fraudulent or not granted.

The fake cease and desist order, dated October 27th, was received in the mail on December 8th. The order contains no legal letter head and was hand written. There is also no signature and no attorney involved. The form was obviously found online and printed off.

“It has come to my attention that you have made a defamatory and false statement about me. The following false statement(s) was made: Contacting community members and organizations spreading stories to discourage them from working with myself and Justice for Michiana, Inc.”

The letter goes on to say the statements caused him “Loss of income, reputation, partnerships and business relationships.”

REAL News Michiana has uncovered several scams and potential crimes being committed by Malone through his South Bend taxpayer funded non-profit. An RNM investigation from March of this year, uncovered a scheme between Malone and Alford’s Mortuary, in which Malone was given access to bodies to take graphic nude photos of the deceased under the guise of his non-profit. Malone then shared those photos and bragged about the victims’ genitalia. The City of South Bend gave Malone thousands of taxpayer dollars in the form of a grant to help stop violent crime.

In October, RNM uncovered a scam in which Malone falsely claimed to be working with two local charities. Both charities told RNM, they are not and will not work with the known felon and fraudster.

Malone is also accused of soliciting sex from a single mother who was seeking assistance through his organization, Justice for Michiana.

Malone also claims to have petitioned the courts for a protection order against journalist Clifton French more than a month ago. The paperwork was either fraudulent or was quickly denied by the courts. A search for the case through Indiana Public Records shows the case does not exist. Malone posted the following documents online.

This is not the first time Malone has attempted to silence the press. He assisted another activist and accused fraudster in filing an erroneous protection order against a journalist earlier this year. That order was thrown out by the courts in October.

RNM has no intention of complying with the fake cease and desist.

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